You run, or work for, a corporate business

Photography by Beth Crockatt

Photography by Beth Crockatt


You might be the person handed events briefs in your business as if they were a gilded gift, and yet you know the reality is very different.

When it really matters there can be no blagging it or getting by - it’s time to do it properly

My experience working with SMEs across several industries means that I understand the politics and the pressure that often comes with event planning. Sometimes, all you might need is a guiding hand in the right direction, and a rinse-and-repeat toolkit that can see you through from your boss’s 30th to that ever-looming Christmas party.

Imagine how great it would feel to have the plans for the Christmas party signed, sealed and delivered in August? No stress, just a hint of shadenfreude as you sip on your mulled wine and think of all of the other Office Managers/PAs/Operations Managers frantically trying to find a ‘perfect’ venue with 6 weeks to go.

Let's make it happen.