You are an online creator


Your online life is flying, your engagement stats are up, and you have the most incredible community of followers you could possibly ask for.

You know that you have your online space covered, but the thought of taking your brand offline feels like a jump. What if people don’t turn up? What if people don’t get what they have come to expect from your online offering?

In the ever evolving world of online creatives, IRL events are becoming more of ‘must-have’ than a ‘nice-to-have’. So what are you waiting for?

Whether it is a birthday party, wedding, meet-up or book/ product launch, I’d love to help you make the transition into the IRL space, while maintaining the consistency and playfulness of your brand. My experience in influencer marketing, working with some incredible creators as well as having a sister who is an extremely successful beauty Youtuber, means I understand the emotional as well as the practical challenges that come with any kind of transition or milestone on your feed or channel.

If we find synchronicity and work together, (which I sincerely hope that we do!) then I’ll be here to make sure that your event is well attended, infinitely ‘grammable and ~most importantly~ true to you.

Let’s get a latte. No pressure, no hard sell. If it’s a fit, great! If not, you can never have too many lattes, right?