Live Events Are Every Small Biz’s Secret Weapon

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You know that in order for you work to reach more people, workshops, events, and/or retreats are now a need-to have, not a nice-to have.

Yet previously putting on events has felt like pulling teeth with you obsessively worrying about how to shift tickets and juggle that with your client and/or class commitments.

Successful events run on clear processes and great communication pre, during and post so if it feels like it’s a lot of work , it’s because it is.

You spend your life encouraging and supporting individuals into a state of zen calm, and yet the thought of planning your own events brings you out in a cold sweat. You are giddy about the idea of bringing your special brand of love and light to the masses, running transformational retreats in a tranquil log cabin just south of the Lake District. You can visualise it so clearly, and yet the admin and paperwork associated with it quickly turns you off.

It turns out there are people out there who love admin as much as you love aligning mind, body and soul. Hiya! Pleased to meet you.

My higher calling has always been supporting creative people to make beautiful things. I’ve worked in construction, creating hoarding to dress sites while buildings take shape and writing press releases celebrating new buildings; i’ve worked in Film supporting the Executive Producer and running projects for a world famous studio; and now here I am. How can I help you?


  • waking up to PayPal pings on your email highlighting yet more tickets sold

  • Your guests welcomed warmly and efficiently

  • You being free to concentrate only on the transformation you intend for your guests

  • guests queuing up at the end of your event to ask when and where the next one will be

Trust me to handle the small details that deliver your event. Let’s get together and see how in sync we can be! Namaste.