Poetry, Prayer and Conversation: Gail Loveschock's Temple of the Ribcage


In the spirit of celebrating events and experiences of all different kinds, I'd like to introduce you to the wisdom and magic of Gail Loveschock. Gail creates experiences, 1:1, in groups, online and offline. She is an Interfaith Minister in the making (#ReverendLoveschock2019), and a heart/brain coherence mentor.

I met Gail for the first time last September, at one of her 1 day Blush Love retreats. I’d been following on the sidelines for a while via Instagram, but didn’t experience the full magic until we had met in person. I was on right on the edge of launching Amy Meadows Events, with all of the usual ‘impostor syndrome’ emotions that come along for the ride with that. I invested in Blush Love purely to give myself a day spent in my own company, not thinking about anything other than the experience. On the day, when asked what had brought me there, my concise answer was, ‘to indulge my hippy tendencies’. In reality, that day helped my to realise what I am worthy of, thus helping Amy Meadows Events burst into the world.

Since Blush Love, more recently, Gail has launched The Temple of the Ribcage. Temple is a series of gatherings celebrating openness, humanity and finding faith and joy within yourself.

In Gail’s own words:

The Temple of the Ribcage is a space within you, the inner chambers of your heart, the place of your essence, intuition and wisdom. Gail Love Schock will remind you who are and walk with you through your inner temple door.


For those of you who are paid-up, goggles on, woo woo types, consider this your call to join the circle. For those who aren’t yet, but are curious, time spent with Gail can be anything from deep, rich, deep-diving work to a playful, intriguing gateway drug. She will welcome you with open arms, and the space will hold you in whatever form you come.

Tickets are an incredible gift. Bring your friend, bring your parents, bring your lover, bring your sister who is struggling and needs to get out of a rut, or your mentor as a show of gratitude for the support they have offered you.

It brings me great joy that I am working with Gail to expand Temple in the Autumn. More on that soon. In the meantime, there is ONE LAST SESSION this summer, happening next Saturday 28th at Stretch, Ada Street, London.


At the very least, you will leave Temple with your mind feeling lighter, and your body feeling capable of anything. At its most, the two hours spent at Temple can change your life.

More details and the link to buy your tickets are here.

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