My Most Curious Experience


Not even the #beastfromtheeast was going to stop me from making it to Most Curious Wedding Fair this year. I left with all the ~feels~ so wanted to take some time to summarise what makes this event so special. Congrats to the incredible ladies who put this event together, natural disasters aside! 


The first thing that struck me when I walked into Most Curious Wedding Fair was that it felt as though I was walking into a room of friends. There was a warmth emanating from the room that I have certainly not come to expect from a lot of the more corporate wedding fairs.

Many of the stands had signs or floral installations that had been created by neighbouring suppliers, which gave the whole event a curated and collaborative feel. The event was an activity in peer-elevation, with each supplier cheering on their neighbours. That wave of positive energy hits you like a train as you enter the space, and creates an environment for positive conversations, without the need for any of the heavy sales spiel.

Gorgeous wall display by   May Contain Glitter.

Gorgeous wall display by May Contain Glitter.


New Indie Businesses

I was surprised by the number of people I spoke to yesterday whose businesses were fresh off the ground (S/O to the glorious Grape & Fig, Lo & Behold Bespoke and Lucky Ink Press to name a few…) Starting a new venture can feel scary and lonely at time, so it was lovely to chat to so many people who had gotten started in the last year. Who knows, maybe next year will see an Amy Meadows stall at Most Curious? I’m manifesting it hard! Congrats to all the fellow feisty fledgling businesses that took up all that deserving space at the weekend.

A Celebration of Quality and Beauty

One of the reasons you don’t get accosted by stall holders at Most Curious is because there is no need. The work of these creatives and artists speaks for itself. I had the great pleasure of meeting Clinton Lotter, a self-confessed ‘silk snob’ as I perused his dresses and my tummy did a little flip. The quality and craftsmanship that goes into every garment is evident even before you touch it. His Ava gown (below) stunned on the runway, and I can’t wait to work with him to make my 2019 brides look and - more importantly -  FEEL like goddesses.

Don’t even get me started on Daisy Sheldon’s embroidered veils.

'Ava' Gown by Clinton Lotter.

'Ava' Gown by Clinton Lotter.


No Pressure, just Creativity and Fun!

Last but not least, we had a ball! As we shimmied round the rooms to The Wedding Smashers, faces covered in eco-friendly glitter from Luxury Glitter Bar wielding edible flower cocktails from Ace Hotel Shoreditch, I was blown away by the kindness, curiosity and cheer-leading that exists in this glorious industry.

I left full to the brim with ideas and inspiration for live experiences in 2018 and beyond. How lucky we are to have some of the greatest suppliers in the world here in the UK, here to shake up the wedding industry.


If any of this deliciousness tickles your fancy, and you have an event brewing that you want to bring to life, drop me a note at

Peace out, Most Curious! Until next year... (cute bespoke temporary tattoo by   Doris Loves  )

Peace out, Most Curious! Until next year... (cute bespoke temporary tattoo by Doris Loves)